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3B-C40   "Physiology of Nerves" Series, 5 magnetic models on illustrated metal board - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-U22056   "Spectrometry" Supplementary Set
DB-Cleaning Cloths   12 Pack of Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths
3B-L10-1   1st Month Embryo Pregnancy Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
DG-0719-E   1st Trimester Pregnancy Insert with Removable 12-Week Embryo
3B-N15   2 Acupuncture Ears Model
3B-A76-9   2 Lumbar Vertebrae with prolapsed disc, flexibly mounted - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-W19314   2 Neoprene Sheets
3B-W19318   2 Neoprene Sheets, black, 4 mm
3B-L10-2   2nd Month Embryo Pregnancy Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-W19341   3 Fluid-filled Cysts
3B-A76-8   3 Lumbar Vertebrae, flexibly mounted - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-J16   3 Part Skin Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-P90B   3B Birthing Simulator Basic
3B-P90P   3B Birthing Simulator PRO
3B-G42   3B MICROanatomy Artery and Vein Model - 14-times enlarged - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-A79   3B MICROanatomy Bone structure - 80 times enlarged - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-K23   3B MICROanatomy Digestive System - 20-times magnified - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-K24   3B MICROanatomy Liver - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-B60   3B MICROanatomy Muscle Fiber - 10,000 times magnified - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-F16   3B MICROanatomy™ Eye - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-K13   3B MICROanatomy™ Kidney Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-D17   3B MICROanatomy™ Tongue Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-B01   3B Torso Guide
3B-B02   3B Torso-Classroom Set
3B-L10-3   3rd Month Embryo Pregnancy Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
DG-0719-P   3rd Trimester Pregnancy Insert Model
DG-0719-M   4-Part Male Insert for Multi-Torso
3B-XA031   5 Arm Roller Stand w/o Rod, Metal
3B-A75-1   5 Vertebrae - Atlas, axis, cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. Loosely threaded on nylon. - 3B Smart Anatomy
DG-0719-F   5-Part Non-Pregnant Female Insert for Multi-Torso
3B-L10-5   5th Month Fetus, breech position Pregnancy Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-L10-6   5th Month Fetus, transverse lie Pregnancy Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-L10-7   5th Month Twin Fetuses, normal position Pregnancy Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-A75   6 Mounted Vertebrae, atlas, axis, another cervical vertebra, two thoracic vertebrae with inter-vertebral discs and one lumbar vertebra - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-L10-8   7th Month Fetus Pregnancy Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-W19315   Abdominal Skin with Fatty Tissue
3B-T21002   Absorption Zone of the Root
3B-U11812   AC Ammeter
3B-U33200-115   AC Plug-in Power Supply 24 V, 0.7 A (115 V, 50/60 Hz)
3B-U33200-230   AC Plug-in Power Supply 24 V, 0.7 A (230 V, 50/60 Hz)
3B-U11813   AC Voltmeter
3B-U8521105-115   AC/DC Power Supply (Stabilized) 0-12 V, 3 A (115 V, 50/60 Hz)
3B-U8521105-230   AC/DC Power Supply (Stabilized) 0-12 V, 3 A (230 V, 50/60 Hz)
3B-U8521131-230   AC/DC Power Supply 0-20 V, 0-5 A (230 V, 50/60 Hz)
3B-U56004   Accessories for Kinetic Gas Theory
3B-U56003   Accessories for spring oscill-
3B-U10351   Accessory Set for the Interferometer
3B-U10027   Acrylic Body with Drilled Holes
ACC-RW2L   Acupoints of Traditional Chinese Medicine Anatomical Chart: Male
3B-N15/1L   Acupuncture Ear Model, left
3B-N15/1R   Acupuncture Ear Model, right
3B-N16   Acupuncture Ears Model, set for 10 students
3B-U14516   Adapter Flange DN 16 KF / NS 19/26
3B-U14515   Adapter Flange DN 16 KF / Shaft 12 mm
3B-U11259   Adapter, BNC Plug/4 mm Jacks
3B-U8496255   Additional Coil for Tesla Transformer
3B-U8474015   Adjustable Slit on Stem
3B-VE281   Adult Dentures - 3B Smart Anatomy
EIS-AMCH1004AS   Adult Human Skull-3 part
3B-VE290   Advanced Half Lower Jaw with 8 diseased teeth, 19 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
DG-0709-00   Advanced KnowBody Teaching Torso
3B-B37   African Torso Model, Dual-Sex 24 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-L40   Aids Virus Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
EIS-AM0105A   Aids Virus, 2 part
3B-U8404300   Air Flow Apparatus
3B-U15425-230   Air flow Generator (230 V, 50/60 Hz)
3B-W13434   Air Pollution and Allergens - Microscope Slides
3B-U8621240   Alcohol Burner
3B-U14290   Alcohol Meter
3B-W13041   Algae Microscope Slides (30 slides)
3B-U8491820   AlNiCo Bar Magnet, 70 mm
3B-U8442610   Aluminium Shot, 100 g
3B-U10022   Aluminum Test Block with Protractor Scale
DG-0855-00   American Bullfrog Junior Model
3B-U14020   Amici Direct Vision Prism
SS26AKLBK   Anatomical Bone Socks - Skeleton Bone Socks - Black
3B-T30015   Anatomical Bovine Cow Skull Model (Bos taurus), with horns
3B-T300091M   Anatomical Dog Skeleton model (Canis domesticus)
3B-T30011   Anatomical Rat skeleton model (Rattus rattus)
ACC-3614   Anatomical Visual Guide to Sports Injuries
ACC-9900   Anatomy & Pathology: The World's Best Anatomical Charts Book
ACC-6882   Anatomy and Disorders of the Digestive System Pocket Study Guide - 2nd Edition
ACC-8375   Anatomy and Injuries of the Foot and Ankle Anatomical Chart
ACC-8382   Anatomy and Injuries of the Foot and Ankle Anatomical Chart - Laminated
ACC-9136   Anatomy and Injuries of the Hand and Wrist Anatomical Chart
ACC-9143   Anatomy and Injuries of the Hand and Wrist Anatomical Chart - Laminated
ACC-3820   Anatomy and Injuries of the Hip Anatomical Chart
ACC-3837   Anatomy and Injuries of the Hip Anatomical Chart - Laminated
ACC-8078   Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder Anatomical Chart
ACC-8085   Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder Anatomical Chart - Laminated
ACC-0904   Anatomy of the Brain Anatomical Chart
3B-G30   Anatomy of the Circulatory System Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
ACC-9598   Anatomy of the Heart Anatomical Chart - Laminated
3B-C41   Anatomy of the Spinal Cord Model with Nerve Endings - 3B Smart Anatomy
ACC-1000   Anatomy of the Teeth Anatomical Chart
3B-W13045   Angiospermae I, Gymnospermae - 15 Microscope Slides
3B-W13046   Angiospermae II. Cells and Tissues - 20 Microscope Slides
3B-W13047   Angiospermae III. Roots - 15 Microscope Slides
3B-W13048   Angiospermae IV. Stems- 20 Microscope Slides
3B-W13049   Angiospermae V. Leaf - 15 Microscope Slides
3B-W13050   Angiospermae VI. Flowers - 15 Microscope Slides
3B-W13051   Angiospermae VI. Fruits and Seeds- 15 Microscope Slides
3B-R04   Animal Cell Teaching Model
3B-VP754/1   Anthropological skull – Broken Hill or Kabwe
3B-VP752/1   Anthropological skull – Crô-Magnon
3B-VP755/1   Anthropological skull – KNM-ER 406, Omo L. 7a-125
3B-VP751/1   Anthropological skull – La Chapelle-aux-Saints
3B-VP750/1   Anthropological skull – Sinanthropus
3B-VP753/1   Anthropological skull – Steinheim
3B-T21016   Apple Flower (Malus pumila)
3B-W13034   Arachnoidea and Myriapoda 12 Microscope Slides
3B-A45   Arm Skeleton - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-A46   Arm Skeleton with scapula and clavicle - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-W13430   Arrangement and Types of Vascular Bundles - Microscope Slides
3B-G40   Arteriosclerosis Artery Model, with cross section of artery, 2 part model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-VR1123UU   Arthritis - Anatomical Chart
3B-B41   Asian Deluxe Dual-Sex Torso Model with muscular arm, 33-part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-C06   Asian Deluxe Head with Neck, 4 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-U8497700   Assembly Kit "Bell, Relay and Bimetallic Switch"
3B-A71-5   Atlas and axis cervical model, with occipital plate (stand included) - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-A71   Atlas and axis cervical vertebrae model wire mounted together, no stand - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-W17005   Baby Care Model, African American Female
3B-W17004   Baby Care Model, African American Male
3B-W17003   Baby Care Model, Asian Female
3B-W17009   Baby Care Model, Hispanic Female
3B-W17008   Baby Care Model, Hispanic Male
3B-W17001   Baby Care Model, White Female
3B-W17000   Baby Care Model, White Male
3B-W13040   Bacteria Basic Set - 25 Slides
3B-U8442500   Ball with Ring
3B-U8431776   Band Wave Device
3B-U21853   Baroscope
3B-U13265   Barrel Foot, 1 kg
3B-U8611210   Barrel Foot, 500 g
3B-U8611200   Barrel Foot, 900 g
DG-0179-00   Base of Head with 7-part Brain model
3B-P72   Basic Billy Basic Life Support Simulator
GPB5   Basic Canine Joint Model Set
3B-U19205   Basic Equipment Set for the X-Ray Apparatus
3B-U11380-115   Basic Experiment Board (115 V, 50/60 Hz)
3B-U11380-230   Basic Experiment Board (230 V, 50/60 Hz)
3B-U8487000   Basic Hall Effect Apparatus
3B-U60040   Basic Heat Kit
GPB4   Basic Joint Model Set
3B-K09   Basic Kidney Section Model, 3 times full-size - 3B Smart Anatomy
DG-0708-00   Basic KnowBody Teaching Torso
3B-A290   Beauchene Adult Human Skull – Anatomical Version, 22 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-A291   Beauchene Adult Human Skull – Didactic Version, 22 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
DG-0650-11   Biomechanical Arm Kit
DG-0650-12   Biomechanical Leg Kit
3B-P94   Birth Stage Trainer
3B-VG392   Birthing Process Pregnancy Model, 5 stages - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-VG395   Birthing Simulator Pregnancy Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-U8409250   Block for Friction Experiments
3B-T21001   Block Model of Leaf Structure
3B-VR1359UU   Blood Vessels & Nerve Pathways - Anatomical Chart
ACC-7422   Blueprint for Health - Your Brain & Nerves - Anatomical Chart
ACC-7385   Blueprint for Health Your Digestive System Anatomical Chart
ACC-7507   Blueprint for Health Your Ears Anatomical Chart
ACC-7491   Blueprint for Health Your Eyes Anatomical Chart - Laminated
ACC-7446   Blueprint for Health Your Heart and Blood Anatomical Chart
ACC-7361   Blueprint for Health Your Muscles Anatomical Chart
ACC-7415   Blueprint for Health Your Respiratory System Anatomical Chart - Laminated
ACC-7347   Blueprint for Health Your Skeleton Anatomical Chart
3B-U11258   BNC Patch Cord Connector
SAI-T3002   Bone Pen - Femur
SAI-T3003   Bone Pen - Finger
SAI-T3004   Bone Pen - Knee Joint
SAI-T3005   Bone Pen - Spine
SAI-T3001   Bone Pens - Pack of 4
DG-0186-00   Bone Structure Model, Magnified 500x
3B-A52   BONElike™ Pediatric/Child's Spine Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-A281   BONElike™ Skull - Bony Skull, 6 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-A282   BONElike™ Skull - Combined Transparent/Bony Skull, 8 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-A283   BONElike™ Skull - Didactic Deluxe Skull, 7 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-A794   BONElike™ Vertebral Column Spinal Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-U13250   Bosshead
3B-T30012   Bovine Cow skeleton (Bos taurus), with horns, articulated
3B-U17210   Boyle's Law Apparatus
3B-C25   Brain Model with Arteries on Base of Head, 8 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
SAI-30B   Brain Model with Arteries, 8 part
3B-C20   Brain Model with Arteries, 9 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-C15   Brain Model, 2 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-C16   Brain Model, 4 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-C17   Brain Model, 8 part - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-VH410   Brain Ventricle Model - 3B Smart Anatomy
3B-U8495550   Brass Resistance 0,3 mm / 50 m
3B-W13043   Bryophyta (Liverworts and Mosses) - 15 Microscope Slides
ACC-CH95   Budget Bart Skeleton
ACC-CH1   Budget Brain Model
ACC-C20C   Budget Brain w/Arteries Model
ACC-CHM312   Budget Foot and Ankle Model Set
ACC-CMT32   Budget Functional Francis Torso
ACC-CH3   Budget Jumbo Heart Model
ACC-CH7   Budget Life-Size Heart Model
ACC-CMT4   Budget Little Joe Torso
ACC-CHLS4   Budget Lumbar Vertebrae Sets
ACC-CH168   Budget Painted Skeleton Model
ACC-CMT3   Budget Peter/Petra Torso

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