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Phanerogamae, Supplementary Set - Microscope Slides

Phanerogamae, Supplementary Set - Microscope Slides

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50 Microscope Slides.

1(d). Stem apex and meristematic tissue, Asparagus l.s. 2(c). Aleurone grains, t.s. of Ricinus endosperm 3(d). Fat in sec. through endosperm of Corylus 4(c). Lysigenous oil glands, t.s. rind of Citrus fruit 5(d). Inulin crystals, t.s. of Dahlia tuber 6(b). Calcium oxalate crystals, in w.m. of onion dry shell 7(b). Wood cells, macerated 8(c). Lactiferous vessels, l.s. stem of Euphorbia (spurge) 9(d). Chloroplasts in leaf of Elodea w.m. 10(b). Branched leaf hairs, isolated from Verbascum (mullein) 11(d). Reserve cellulose, t.s. of Phoenix (date) seed 12(c). Rheum, rhubarb, root with crystals t.s. 13(c). Dendrobium, orchid, aerial root with velamen t.s. 14(c). Pinus, pine, older woody root t.s. 15(c). Smilax, root with thickened endodermis t.s. 16(d). Lupinus, lupin, root nodules with nitrogen fixing bacteria t.s. 17(c). Quercus, oak, older woody root t.s. 18(c). Daucus, carrot, storage root t.s. 19(c). Pinus, pine, older woody stem t.s. 20(c). Zea mays, corn, stem with bundles l.s. 21(c). Elodea, waterweed, aquatic stem with primitive bundle t.s. 22(c). Juncus, bulrush, stem with stellate cells t.s. 23(c). Pelargonium, geranium, young stem of an annual plant t.s. 24(d). Tilia, lime, older woody stem t.s. and l.s. 25(c). Acorus calamus, sweet flag, rhizome t.s. 26(d). Pinus, pine, three sections of wood 27(d). Fagus, beech, three sections of wood 28(c). Bryonia, stem with sieve plates t.s. 29(c). Ribes, currant, stem with phellogen t.s. 30(c). Helianthus, sunflower, typical dicot stem t.s. 31(c). Salvia, sage, square stem with collenchyma t.s. 32(c). Nymphaea, water lily, floating leaf t.s. 33(c). Dionaea, Venus fly trap, leaf with digestive glands t.s. 34(d). Fagus, beech, sun and shadow leaves on one slide t.s. 35(c). Pinguicula, butterwort, leaf with glandular hairs t.s. 36(c). Nerium, oleander, xeromorphe leaf with sunken stomata t.s. 37(d). Drosera, sundew, leaf with glandular hairs w.m. 38(d). Urtica, stinging nettle, leaf with stinging hairs 39(c). Utricularia, bladderwort, w.m. of bladders 40(d). Pinus, pine, male cone with pollen l.s. 41(d). Pinus, young female cone with ovules l.s. 42(f). Pinus, ovule with archegonia l.s. 43(e). Pinus, mature embryo with endosperm t.s. 44(b). Pinus, pollen grains with wings w.m. 45(f). Lilium, lily, young anthers showing meiosis of pollen mother cells 46(d). Tulipa, tulip, ovary t.s. showing arrangement of ovules 47(d). Taraxacum, dandelion, composite flower l.s. 48(d). Papaver, poppy, flower t.s. shows floral diagram 49(d). Phaseolus, bean, pod showing pericarp and seed t.s. 50(d). Lycopersicum, tomato, young fruit t.s.

Made in Germany by 3B Scientific.

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