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Best Sellers - GIANTMicrobes Aerials - GIANTMicrobes
Not sure which of our GIANTmicrobes® would be perfect for you? Here are some of our popular favorites! more info
Our Aerials are ready to barnstorm their way into your hearts. Help them fly away home! more info
Alimentaries - GIANTMicrobes Ambulatories - GIANTMicrobes
If you welcome E. coli or Salmonella as guests at your table, you may be in for an unwelcome postprandial surprise. more info
Playing in the great outdoors is fun, unless this gang tags along. more info
Aquatics - GIANTMicrobes Calamities - GIANTMicrobes
There's a world in every drop of water! We know you'll enjoy meeting some of the inhabitants. more info
The Black Death has crippled civilization several times -- and Ebola haunts our imaginations. While the modern world may have the upper-hand on big game, mother nature wants you to know that she can still eat you alive. more info
Corporeals - GIANTMicrobes Critters - GIANTMicrobes
These guys get the credit for keeping things running smoothly and showing unwelcomed guests the door. Now you can you meet them in person! more info
Welcome Critters™! Our Dust Mite, Bed Bug, Bookworm, Louse, Flea, and Maggot can't wait to come over and play! They're sure to give you a laugh (and an idea or two too). more info
Exotics - GIANTMicrobes Health - GIANTMicrobes
Could this be the first extra-terrestrial space traveler? Who knows! But what's for sure is that the yeast microbe which makes beer and bread has talents that are out of this world! more info
Got a cold? Or the flu? Or do you want to learn their secrets? more info
Infirmaries - GIANTMicrobes Maladies - GIANTMicrobes
Stuck in the infirmary? Here are some friends to keep you company! more info
Sports fans have we got a unique gift for you! Or would you like to give your lover a laugh? more info
Menageries - GIANTMicrobes Professional - GIANTMicrobes
Pet owners love our Menageries line for reminding them to keep their pets tested and safe. Meet some new best friends. more info
The widespread success of GIANTmicrobes™ has prompted numerous health care professionals to approach us regarding the introduction of a line of dolls pertaining to public health, including sexually transmitted diseases. more info
Tropicals - GIANTMicrobes Venereals - GIANTMicrobes
Explorers of the world, unite: in the tropics, a bad sun tan is the least of your concerns. more info
In our Red Light District, stop in and learn about some of the fruits of a very bad relationship. more info

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